The rail | power VR

The rail | power VR is a patented technology based on mesh electrodes with a fleece separator. The electrodes use tried-and-tested lead-calcium technology. The electrolyte contains gel additives (ESS technology) and is suspended in the fleece separator. As a result, this technolo- gy not only offers the benefits of a fleece battery, but also those of a gel battery. The batteries are installed in housings made of stable polypropylene or ABS. rail | power VR batteries work reliably as on-board batteries in all railway vehicles. They are also used as starter batteries in diesel vehicles.

The FNC-VR is a valve regulated nickel-cadmium Battery
The extremely low maintenance grid FNC-VR battery is developed in line with the HOPPECKE proven fibre matrix plate technology. The addition of the special recombinant technology of this battery to the fibre plate design gives exceptional reliability in critical applications. The FNC-VR battery provides superior performance to other valve regulated nickel-cadmium technologies.
Designed specifically for UPS, switchgear and other standby applications where the system must be totally reliable with minimum maintenance.

sun | power VR M
The design principle for HOPPECKE sun | power VR M batteries is based on the use of grid plates and ESS technology. The high energy density of HOPPECKE sun | power VR M batteries results in a very low space requirement, thus enabling maximum utilisation of your premises. The properties of HOPPEKCE sun | power VR M batteries make them extremely versatile. HOPPECKE sun | power VR M batteries are frequently used for street lighting, medical supply units, signal systems and leisure applications. Both the level battery lid with integrated handle and the easy-to-clean surface ensure safe and convenient handling during installation.